Trip Axum Yeha Gheralta & Mekelle,

DAY 01: Axum

After breakfast, explore the city of Axum. Axum was the ancient Capital of Ethiopia from around the 1st C., a very rich and powerful kingdom in the world.  Axum is the Holiest place in Ethiopia as The Ark of the Covenant Is kept inside of a chapel.

-The stelae (obelisks) field, the impressive Stelae erected to Mark the Tomb of Kings. They decorate the biggest with a plan of high rising buildings with a window and Doors. Underground Tomb of King Bazen’s, Queen of Sheba’s Place and Bath, St. Mary of Zion church, Where the Ark of the Covenant is kept.  They allow no one to see it. Only one monk go inside the chapel. Stone Inscriptions of the Kings and Local Market, if Market Day. Overnight Hotel

Day 02: Axum Geharlta

After breakfast drive to Gheralta pass by the Gorgeous Adwa Mountains.

Yeha Temple, Yeha was a religious center of the kingdom before Axum. It has Archeological sites and a 2500 years old The Yeha Temple. A newer church built near the temple. After lunch, continues driving to Gheralta.  We may visit one rock-hewn church based on our time. Over night.

Day 03:   Gheralta

The Gehralta Massive hides the most inaccessible rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia. These churches are on a vertical cliff.  It may need climbing and trekking to reach. Based on your strength, we can cover the most beautiful and accessible to you. This trip is not only about the churches but also about one of the most scenic landscapes in Ethiopia and a recommended experience. We visit one or two of places considering the time and your fitness, Abune Yemata: is the most inaccessible church and framed as a church in the sky by BBC. The church is from the 6ht c. and it is small, with wonderful wall Paintings. The visit to Abune Yemat Guh is not about the church, it is about the climbing experience, the Adrenaline it requires, and the Stunning view. It is a lifetime experience.

Mariam Korkur and Daniel Korkur Church are on Top of the Gheralta Mountain Massive. Long trekking for 2hours the church is one of the biggest and beautiful in the Gheralta region. It has a striking view of the surrounding area and mountains. Abrah-We Astibeha Church: the Biggest and beautiful Rock hewn church of Tigray and accessible. It is built by King Ezan, and his Twin Brother in the 4th century.Overnight hotel

Day 04 Mekelle

Mek’ele is the capital city of the Tigray region, in northern Ethiopia.the grand palace of 19th-century Emperor Yohannes IV is now the Yohannes IV Museum. The tall Martyrs’ Memorial Monument commemorates those who fought the communist Derg regime in the late 20th century. The city’s markets are an important stop for salt merchants arriving from the Danakil Depression in the country’s northeast. Overnight hotel.